Which supplementary health insurance does your own child need?

Welche Krankenzusatzversicherung fürs Kind ist überflüssig?Statutory health insurance often reaches its limits with its services. Above all, the additional payments to the dentist or the desire for better treatment in the hospital can be expensive. Many insured persons therefore cease their protection with a supplementary health insurance. This can also make sense for your own child. 



Which additional health insurance is useful for children?

  • The benefits of the statutory health insurance are often limited, so that parents renounce some treatments for their offspring.
  • With a supplementary health insurance, parents ensure better care for their child.
  • The costs for the extra protection are often manageable, as an individual offer for supplementary health insurance shows.

Many statutory health insurance are dissatisfied with the benefits of their health insurance. This is supported by around 70 million completed supplementary health insurance policies , which are used to increase the health protection of cash patients. The most popular private supplementary insurances include dental supplement insurance. They protect insured persons from high co-payments , for example, when they need to be treated abroad on holiday or need dental prostheses. Both insurances also allow for better care. Because cash patients do not have to worry about the costs incurred.

Many parents also want to know their children well secured . But not every supplementary health insurance is suitable for the child. While some supplementary insurances are very useful, parents can do without their offspring.

Additional health insurance for the holidays and the orthodontist

Additional health insurance for the holidays and the orthodontist

 An important supplementary health insurance for children is the supplementary dental insurance . Unlike adults, however, other benefits are important to the offspring. For example, parents do not need to value high reimbursements for dentures. On the other hand, orthodontic and prophylactic services are decisive. Because the statutory health insurance pays, for example, only in case of severe malocclusions for the orthodontist. As insurers limit their reimbursement, however, in some cases, parents should pay attention to possible restrictions when comparing different offers for supplementary dental insurance.

Traveling parents with their children abroad, beyond a foreign health insurance makes sense. If the little ones get injured or become ill on holiday , the statutory health insurance usually pays only what they would pay for an equivalent treatment in Germany. This can sometimes be too little. With a favorable family rate, the offspring can be very well secured.

Additional health insurance for the child: best care in the hospital

In addition to the foreign health insurance and supplementary dental insurance, inpatient supplementary insurance is also accorded great significance for health insurance patients. It is aimed at people who want a head physician treatment and a single or double room in the hospital . These additional benefits must be paid by you without additional hospital insurance. In order to provide children with the best possible care in the clinic, parents can arrange supplementary coverage.

Rather unnecessary, however, is insurance that subsidizes glasses and contact lenses. It usually makes more sense when parents cover the money for new glasses for the little ones.

Supplementary insurance protects against high care costs

Another supplementary insurance, which is also recommended for children, is a private long-term care insurance. Although the idea seems at first abstract, that the offspring could be dependent on care at a young age. But the three million people in need of care in Germany also include 80,000 children and adolescents under the age of 15 . For their care, however, the statutory long-term care insurance only covers part of the costs. The rest has to be done by the parents. Remedy here creates an additional private care insurance, which is very cheap for children.


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