Poor supply and unnecessary extras: health insurance in the criticism

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news Poor supply and unnecessary extras: health insurance in the criticism finanzen.de News always well informed Monday, 16.04.18 , written by Annabell Meyer There is currently a lot of pressure around the statutory health insurance. Because the health insurance companies have to deal with various allegations such as supposedly pointless extra services, the disadvantage of older insured and the demand for contribution reductions. Criticism comes from both the policy and health experts. > Krankenkassen sparen laut Kritikern Kosten zulasten der Versicherten Cash registers should disadvantage older and seriously ill people

  • A better supply of health insurance patients is one of the most important tasks of the new federal government.
  • Currently, the health insurance companies have to take a lot of criticism for their contributions as well as for their services.
  • According to this, the health insurances should penalize, inter alia, elderly and sick patients in order to save costs.

For insured persons of the statutory health insurance (GKV) much should improve this legislature period. For example, the new Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) is planning, among other things, the rapid awarding of specialist appointments and the harmonization of the doctor's fee for health insurance patients. In addition, Spahn is currently campaigning for a contribution reduction. Compared to the editorial network Germany, he demands that the funds should relieve their insured financially stronger.

However, the health insurance funds are not only criticized with regard to the contributions. Both the Federal Insurance Office and other health experts from politics and patients also accuse them of discriminating against older and sick insured persons . In contrast, the cash funds fight back.

High surpluses: Spahn calls for funds to reduce their contributions

According to Minister of Health Spahn, cash-desk patients could pay on average 80 euros less a year for their health protection. The condition for this would be that the health insurance companies would relieve legally insured persons in view of their generated surpluses in the billions with lower contributions. The Federal Ministry of Health estimates the financial cushion of the GKV at a total of 28 billion euros . It is not the job of the coffers to hoard money, said Spahn the editorial network Germany. Cash patients would also be entitled to their money.

From the coffers there is already resistance to the demand of the CDU politician. The spokesman of the GKV-Spitzenverbands, Florian Lanz, criticized Spahn's statement, pointing out that millions of people insured had already benefited from contributions at the beginning of the year.

Tip: Many health insurance companies have kept their contributions stable at the turn of the year or even reduced them so that insured persons can save a lot of money by changing. With an individual comparison, you will find the cash register, which is cheap and powerful at the same time.

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Health insurance funds should disadvantage older and sick patients

The health insurance companies are currently not only the new health minister in the criticism. The Federal Insurance Office and health politicians of SPD and Union complain that the funds would discriminate against older and sick people in the benefits. Because these patients cause them higher expenses. However, according to the experts, the funds try to save costs by often rejecting benefits such as rehabilitation measures or providing insured people with poor quality aids.

So some health insurance funds would buy aids such as respirators or catheters over tenders, where they pay attention to the quality above all on a favorable price. The Federal Insurance Office is therefore currently against three funds . These defend themselves against the allegations. The DAK health, for example, complains against the decision of the Federal Insurance Office.

Extra services under scrutiny: Regulatory authority calls for reform

In connection with the quality of the cash benefits, the Federal Insurance Office also deals with the additional offers of many health insurance funds. Here, the experts demand a reform or strict regulations. Because many of these extras, such as bonus programs or homeopathic treatments, would have no added value for patients , Frank Plate, president of the regulator, said in a report. Rather, the offers would only serve to advertise new members instead of ensuring better care, as sought by the legislature.

Plate sees above all in bonus programs the need for change and calls on the new federal government to think about abolition . Also, the so-called statutory services considered the authority critical. For Plate, the funds should pay in future only for treatments in which a scientific proof of their effectiveness is present.

Here you will find tips and further information on the statutory health insurance. >

Annabell Meyer

editorial staff

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