Personal Payday Loan: Advantage for New Customers

At the beginning of February, the credit institution came up with the Personal Payday Roadside Loan facility, aimed primarily at new customers. A 20-month reduced-interest personal loan will be available until April 8, 2019. We looked at the terms and conditions of Personal Payday’s new offer and compared it to the other quick loan offers available on the market.

Personal Payday Roadside Loan: The Key Features

Personal Payday Roadside Loan: The Key Features

We looked at what conditions can be expected for a loan amount of 500,000 forints if we want to receive the Personal Payday loan amount by remittance and we do not use the Home Service or the Forwarding Package. Thus, during the fixed 20-month term, we have to repay HUF 27,340 a month. THM with these terms is 10.90 percent, so the total amount to be repaid is HUF 546,800.

Only monthly repayment

The monthly repayment method of the Personal Payday Roadside Loan differs from the credit institution’s other loan offers. Personal Payday usually offers its customers weekly repayments.

Home Service: Personal Payday loan cash

Home Service: Personal Payday loan cash

If you use the Home Service alongside Personal Payday’s credit, you don’t have to go to the bank branch, but Personal Payday’s employee will go to you to sign the contract. The service does not end with this, because later the repayment will be done personally. The Home Service allows you to make a loan in cash, and in this case, the repayment is made in cash at your home.

However, the Home Service is free of charge: with a 20-month term, the total cost of the Home Service is HUF 107,450, so the total amount to be repaid is also increased by the same amount. Before using this convenience service, consider whether it is worth more than 100,000 forints to pick up and repay your home and cash.

Personal Payday Foresight Package: So You Can’t Surprise

Personal Payday Foresight Package: So You Can

The Personal Payday Forwarder Package offers solutions to difficult life situations that occur during the term. In the event of death, Personal Payday removes the customer’s debt on the day of his death and also includes an extended cancellation / termination option, which means that the customer can cancel or terminate the loan free of charge within 30 days. The Forwarding Package also includes a group of life and accident insurance for a customer.

Prize for the Forward Package

Personal Payday will charge an additional fee in addition to the loan interest rate when choosing the Forward Package. The Forward Package costs $ 60,000, so if you require a loan of $ 500,000, the total amount to be repaid increases to $ 606,800.

Would you need a larger loan amount? Compare Personal Loan Calculator to get the best personal loan offers currently available and choose the right one for your goals.

Conditions for Applying for a Personal Payday Travel Loan

Conditions for Applying for a Personal Payday Travel Loan

It is important that Clients can apply for a Trend Loan that has not yet been contracted by Personal Payday, or who have settled their debt in full before 27 December 2018. Additional Terms:

  • age and ability to act,

  • declared Hungarian permanent address

  • verified regular income,

  • For a credit amount over $ 500,000, no employer certificate older than 30 days must be presented,

  • a valid identity card, driving license or passport

  • own or joint-owned retail bank account (unless you use the Home Service).

There is no minimum expected income for the application, the point is to be able to show regular income and the bank will judge on that basis whether it considers it creditworthy. Also, the Personal Payday loan is characterized by the fact that up to 1 month’s employment is sufficient to obtain a loan – in contrast, most credit institutions require a minimum of 3-6 months of employment from their clients.

So you can apply for a Personal Payday loan

So you can apply for a Personal Payday loan

Get a call back from the bank online here on the Personal Loan page! Then, Personal Payday’s colleague will look for you on the phone to discuss the details, and you should be prepared to ask for the basic information you need to apply for a loan.

The preparation of the credit assessment and the conclusion of the contract will take place at Personal Payday Pénzügyi Zrt. Near the credit point closest to you, or if you choose the Home Service in your home.

Loan within 10 days

If the credit assessment ends with a positive result, the requested loan amount will arrive in your bank account within 10 days of signing the contract.


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