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Thursday, 05.01.17 , written by Annabell Meyer About every fourth health insurance company has increased its contributions at the turn of the year. For many insured reason enough to look for an alternative. But which health insurance 2017 is recommended, decide not only the cost. Also, an increase in benefits and bonus programs are popular among health insurance patients. Depending on  Welche Krankenkasse ist 2017 für Versicherte zu empfehlen?

Health insurance should not only pay off financially for insured persons

There are currently 113 health insurance companies in Germany. Many insureds find it difficult to keep track of the multitude of options. In addition, the offers of the cash registers sometimes differ greatly. Which health insurance is recommended in 2017, depends on the personal needs .

For example, many members of statutory health insurance value the lowest possible contribution . What matters most to them is their monthly health insurance cover. Other insureds, on the other hand, are more likely to need comprehensive benefits , for which they are willing to pay more. In addition, the bonus programs of the health insurance companies often play a role. What are the premiums for a healthy life and what measures must be taken?

Lowest contributions: Which health insurance is recommended in 2017?

About 95 percent of the cash benefits are regulated by law. Since these many insureds are sufficient, they put priority on an inexpensive cash register . In order to find the best individual health insurance 2017 in 2017, it is worthwhile to compare the respective offers.

If you change from expensive to cheap, you can save several hundred euros a year at best. The lowest is the health insurance premiums 2017 with 14.9 percent at Metzinger BKK and AOK Saxony-Anhalt (both regionally open). Compared to this, cash patients pay a little more for the three cheapest funds available nationwide:

  • hkk (15.19 percent)
  • BKK firmus (15.2 percent)
  • IKK healthy plus (15.2 percent).
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With the health insurance, the benefits should also be correct

When choosing the appropriate health insurance, it may be interesting for many people, which health insurance over the statutory minimum for certain treatments comes up. Does she, for example, cover the costs of professional teeth cleaning or alternative healing methods? According to a recent test by the German Financial Services Institute (DFSI), TK, HEK and AOK Baden-Württemberg are recommended as the best overall funds with their mix of services, service and financial strength.

Which health insurance convinced with fair bonus program?

Many health insurances lure insureds with their supposedly high bonuses to reward them for their health-conscious behavior. But the maximum bonus amount is tied to unrealistic requirements in some funds. In some cases insured persons must fulfill more than 30 measures in order to be eligible for the maximum amount.

Anyone who wants to know which health insurance company is recommended in terms of their bonuses, should also pay attention to how much money is paid per completed measure. The DFSI assesses energy BKK, DAK health, actimonda health insurance as well as BKK economy & finances (regionally open) as the funds with the fairest bonus programs.

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